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Projects by Shashwat Foundation

Our staff of well-trained Doctors arranged an Anemia Detection and treatment camp at far-reaching villages near Indo-Pak border. Around 150-200 people got the benefit of the free checkup.


Flood relief medical camp at Indo-Pak border Vav

There are still socio-cultural barriers for adolescent girls in learning about Menstrual hygiene. We had organized an awareness camp for the young girls for access to sanitary practices to follow during their menstrual cycle.


Projects on Menstrual Hygiene for Adolescent Girls in Schools, Colleges

When a heavy flood situation occurred in Gujarat, our team of volunteers and doctors quickly setup the relief camp for 5 days in Deesa and Tharad district which were highly affected. We treated the residents and provided essential materials, medicines.  


Flood relief camp for 5 days in DEESA AND THARAD DISTRICT

Our Cancer prevention project included an initiative to raise awareness on cancer risk factors and information to reduce the exposure. Free pap smear test camp was organized for early detection of cervical cancer in women.


Cancer prevention Projects- FREE PAP SMEAR CAMPS

Organized Sessions for GLS university girls under FOGSI INITIATIVE FOR PCOS AWARENESS IN ADOLESCENT GIRLS. Public awareness of PCOS is very important because half of the women affected by it are unaware of it. The Informative session helped them understand that symptoms like irregular periods and pelvic pain should not be ignored.



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